[Bioperl-l] Unleashed Informatics Supports DogBox Online Community

Unleashed Informatics Administration admin at unleashedinformatics.com
Thu Mar 2 18:08:41 EST 2006

In December 2005, Unleashed Informatics acquired commercial rights to 
Blueprint Initiative intellectual property from Mount Sinai Hospital.

Spun-off from The Blueprint Initiative public research program at 
Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital, Unleashed Informatics provides 
integrated hardware and software products designed to harness the power 
of increasingly complex scientific data.

On 22 February, Unleashed Informatics released DogBox Online as an open 
access product to the life science community.

DogBox Online is an integrated, online data retrieval service and 
represents the new, re-named SeqHound service previously offered by the 
Blueprint Initiative.

The new service is located at 
http://dogboxonline.unleashedinformatics.com, and requires a free 
Unleashed Informatics account for unrestricted access.

The DogBox Online registration process will help Unleashed Informatics 
better understand the resource user base, and ultimately help us improve 
our open access offerings in line with the needs of the life sciences 

Importantly, the collection of such user feedback is essential for the 
preparation of planned public good research grant applications aimed at 
funding the ongoing provision of open source and freely available 
bioinformatics resources.

Unleashed Informatics is making a concerted effort to develop, maintain 
and improve open access resources for global researchers. The release 
this past week of the freely accessible DogBox Online reaffirms the 
company’s commitment to open access resources.

Specific support documentation for new DogBox Online service can be 
found in the Help section.

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