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> Hi all,
> I've noticed that many bioperl objects don't separate getters from
> setters, e.g.:
> my $branchlength = $node->branchlength; # now it's a getter
> $node->branchlength($branchlength); # now it's a setter
> Is this approach carved in stone? Or could one contribute objects to the
> project that do:
> my $branchlength = $node->get_branchlength;
> $node->set_branchlength($branchlength);
> To me (and, apparently, to Damian Conway, see "perl best practices" :)
> the latter approach is better, as it takes away some ambiguity,
> especially w.r.t setting false-but-defined values (bugs could emerge
> where arguments are erroneously tested for truth rather than
> definedness) and resetting fields to undef.
Careful, don't open up that can of worms.  There was talk of this in the
mail list archives.  These threads cover much of the discussion; to get the
gist, trace back to the beginning and read through.  The second thread is
more fun:



The last one is from around the time bioperl 1.4 was released.  I believe it
is enforced somewhat but not religiously.  I know AUTOLOAD is not supposed
to be in code but I have seen it in core (Bio::Tools::Run::StandAloneBlast
has it, I believe).  I believe it has more to do with having similar methods
in all the modules, and AUTOLOAD is avoided b/c explicit get/setters make
understanding code a lot easier.  I personally am looking forward to seeing
how everybody here deals with Pugs/Perl6 (yet another can of worms); OOP in
Perl6 looks quite different from Perl5!

> Also, is it okay to have separate getters and setters in your own
> objects, but implement interfaces that do the combined get/setter thing
> using aliasing?
> Thanks,
> Rutger
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