[Bioperl-l] small mistake found in documentation of bioperl-1.5.0-RC1

Harald haralds_listen at gmx.de
Thu Mar 16 08:25:52 EST 2006


I think that I have found a small mistake in the documentation of 
In the documentation of the method *column_from_residue_number *of  
Bio::SimpleAlign, it gives the example:


  	     Seq1/91-97 AC..DEF.GH
  	     Seq2/24-30 ACGG.RTY..
  	     Seq3/43-51 AC.DDEFGHI

           column_from_residue_number( "Seq1", 94 ) returns 5.
           column_from_residue_number( "Seq2", 25 ) returns 2.
           column_from_residue_number( "Seq3", 50 ) returns 9.

If I do not make a serious mistake, the first example is wrong and should say: "...returns 6"


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