[Bioperl-l] Question: How to manipulate files

Michael Craige mcraige at genetics.emory.edu
Wed Mar 29 17:41:29 EST 2006

I am attempting to develop a script to open a DNA file contain 15 FASTA
sequences and then delete the first 7 sequences and close the file leaving
the remainder 8 sequences intact.

Can someone help me with a Perl script or point me to some doc that can
help? Here is a sample, the first sequence in the file header is show below.
All the header is the same except for the number "001 to 015"


I trying to get the script to find the first sequences ".nmrc_001" and then
delete files content to the end of file ".nmrc_007" without affect the
header with ".nmrc_008"

Is there something already exist to do this?

Michael Craige
Emory University

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