[Bioperl-l] Bio::RangeI intersection and Bio::DB::GFF

Marco Blanchette mblanche at berkeley.edu
Tue May 2 15:30:49 EDT 2006

Dear all--

I have been trying to use the intersection function to extract overlapping
region from alternatively spliced exons as in the following script. The
returned object from the 'my $overlap = $exon1->intersection($exon2);' is
actually loosing the strand of $exon1 if $exon1 is from the negative strand.
Is this behavior expected? Should I check the strand of $exon1 before
working on the object return by any Bio::RangeI function?

Many thanks 

use strict;
use warnings;
use Bio::DB::GFF;


    my $db = Bio::DB::GFF->new( -adaptor => 'dbi::mysql',
                                -dsn =>
                                -user => 'guest');
    my $test_db = $db->segment('4');
    # Load up the exons into $exons_p
    for my $gene ($test_db->features(-types => 'gene')){

        my $exons_p = extractExons($gene);

        cluster($exons_p) unless ($#{$exons_p} == -1);


sub extractExons {
    my $gene = shift;
    my %ex_list;
    my @tcs = $gene->features(    -type =>'processed_transcript',
                                    -attributes =>{Gene => $gene->group});
    for my $tc (@tcs){
        my @exons = $tc->features (-type => 'exon',
                                     -attributes => {Parent => $tc->group}
        for (@exons){
            my $ex_id    = $_->id;
            $ex_list{$ex_id} = $_ unless (exists $ex_list{$ex_id});

    my @values = values %ex_list;

sub cluster {
    my $exons_p = shift;
    for (my $s = 0; $s <= $#{$exons_p}; $s++){
        for (my $t = $s+1; $t <= $#{$exons_p}; $t++){
            my $exon1 = $exons_p->[$s];
            my $exon2 = $exons_p->[$t];
            if (!($exon1->equals($exon2)) && $exon1->overlaps($exon2)){
                my $overlap = $exon1->intersection($exon2);
                print "===\n";;
                print "ex1\n", $exon1->seq, "\n";
                print "ex2\n", $exon2->seq, "\n";
                print "overlap\n", $overlap->seq, "\n";
Marco Blanchette, Ph.D.

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