[Bioperl-l] Bioperl-based Applications for "Free Software" Session?

Andreas Bender (CompLife'06) andreas.bender at complife.org
Fri May 26 10:50:03 EDT 2006

Dear All,

Did anyone of you implement some cool programs/tools using Bioperl? Or
is there someone from the Bioperl core team who wants to present
Bioperl itself at our conference? We are holding a "free software"
session (free at least as in free beer, ideally also open source, some
GNU-type license) at our "Computational Life Sciences" Conference in
Cambridge/UK later this year and you are warmly welcome to present
your software there. Please contact me directly or visit the website
in case of any questions.

Enjoy the weekend,

                                  Call for Contributions

          held at CompLife 2006 (http://www.complife.org)
     in Cambridge, United Kingdom, on September 27 - 29, 2006
In the last years more and more free and open source software has been
developed for chemo- and bioinformatics, molecular modelling or other
Life Science applications, but many of the programs are not well
known. During the CompLife 2006 conference we will organize a special
session dedicated to this type of free software. The demo session will
be preceeded by a short session having room for brief introductory
presentations whereas the demo session itself will allow attendees to
see the tools in action. Authors of free software will have the
opportunity to present their program to the CompLife audience which
will consist of researchers and users from computer science, biology,
chemistry and everything in between.

In case you are interested in the free software session, send us an
email at fss at complife.org and briefly describe your program and how
you intend to present it at the conference (1-2 pages max - please
include URL to downloadable version where available). The only
restrictions are that the program must be freely available for
everyone or even open source and that it must be related to Life
Science applications. The deadline for these proposals is June, 16th
2006. In mid July we will notify you if your software demo was

Computational Life Sciences '06 Cambridge/UK, 27-29 September 2006:
Visit http://www.complife.org for more information!

Andreas Kieron Patrick Bender - http://www.andreasbender.de
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Cambridge/MA

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