[Bioperl-l] http://www.bioperl.org/wiki/Bptutorial.pl

Jay Hannah jay at jays.net
Wed May 31 09:07:10 EDT 2006


I think I just partially fulfilled this TODO:

  TODO: check if the POD is in the Wiki yet, and if not, put it here? 

I used Pod::Simple::Wiki (format 'mediawiki') to burn bioperl-live/bptutorial.pl POD into mediawiki format. I then pasted it the wiki page via my web browser. (Is that proper procedure? Is the plan to just do that manually from time to time as the document changes?)

Now what?

Should there be a new link on the far left of bioperl.org called "Tutorial"? 

It's an amazing document. IMHO it should be listed prominently on bioperl.org.



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