[Bioperl-l] Distribution files, versions

aaron.j.mackey at gsk.com aaron.j.mackey at gsk.com
Fri Nov 10 08:59:55 EST 2006

> bioperl.lisp

This is a set of convenience macros for developers who use Emacs, but it's 
pretty out of date.  Some may still use it, though.  It's of no use being 
in the package distribution, however.

> Most modules in the distribution take their version from 
> Bio::Root::Version, but some do not. Is there some reason they must keep 

> the version they currently have, or can they be made like the others?

if their current version is greater than the bioperl version, then they 
must keep it for backwards compatibility (as otherwise a "require" 
statement for a certain version of Bio::SeqIO::tinyseq won't work 


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