[Bioperl-l] bioperl-run 1.5.2 RC3

Chris Fields cjfields at uiuc.edu
Mon Nov 13 11:51:24 EST 2006

> Chris Fields wrote:
> > 
> > As an aside, I'm not sure how versioning works in the other bioperl 
> > distributions.  We generally package them up at the same time but I 
> > don't remember them getting a specific version number upon 
> release.  
> > For instance, bioperl-db was considered at version 0.1 for a long 
> > time, but I can't remember if it was officially assigned that.
> I'm making their versions match that of core, which seems appropriate.

Sounds good to me.  We could at least state that run, db, and network 1.5.2
releases require bioperl rel. 1.5.2 (i.e. they are not guaranteed to work
with older bioperl core versions), since that's what they were tested


Christopher Fields
Postdoctoral Researcher - Switzer Lab
Dept. of Biochemistry
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 

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