[Bioperl-l] No more Makefile.PL (MakeMaker -> Module::Build)

Chris Fields cjfields at uiuc.edu
Wed Nov 15 14:18:18 EST 2006

On Nov 15, 2006, at 12:15 PM, Sendu Bala wrote:

> ...
> I think the compromise isn't worth it. The old Makefile.PL is just too
> inadequate and I don't want to support it. Build.pl is simply far too
> superior and I really want all users to be using it.
> I've now made the changeover in HEAD for core only (so far).
> Can people please try it out, especially wrt to installation in  
> default
> and user-specified locations?
> First, clean out your system of the old Makefile.PL stuff:
> perl Makefile.PL
> make clean
> rm Makefile.PL Makefile.old
> cvs update -d -P
> Now try out the new Build.PL:
> perl Build.PL
> ./Build test
> ./Build install
> Try out other things:
> http://search.cpan.org/~kwilliams/Module-Build/lib/Module/Build.pm
> You'll notice you don't have a Makefile.PL anymore. Distributions will
> include one, and as a cvs user you can generate one by:
> ./Build manifest
> ./Build distmeta
> Now you can try out the things you used to be able to do:
> make test
> make install
> Please let me know how you get on,
> Sendu.

Will do.  We'll need to change all docs in CVS/wiki to conform with  
the new install routine.  You'll probably want to post another  
interim RC before a final release just to make sure any residual bugs  
are worked out, unless you are just doing this in CVS HEAD.

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