[Bioperl-l] "progress": useful changes vs. "shiny new thingie"

Lincoln Stein lincoln.stein at gmail.com
Wed Nov 15 17:43:21 EST 2006

> This is assuredly all valid. But I feel this is a case of a necessary
> last minute addition. Necessary because I don't feel the old Makefile.PL
> is up to the job. Its merely unfortunate that I only discovered this so
> late into the RC cycle. Evidently I and all the other testers don't test
> the installation side of things, only the test scripts in t/

I tested script installation last week and it was all fine as far as I could
tell. Are there any details about how installation was failing?


> Also, I understand that you think that your approach is better but such a
> > central change can't be adopted without discussion and some semblance of
> > consensus. So far I'm not getting any sense that anyone is agreeing with
> the
> > change but I am sensing discomfort with the idea, or resignation.
> I asked for comments and discussions 5 days ago. The only responses were
> positive or neutral (with reservations regarding putting it into 1.5.2,
> but not for the idea itself). If you don't press on and make things
> happen after positive feedback, nothing will ever get done at all.

Sorry, but I didn't see the discussion.

So to clarify, is anyone actually uncomfortable or 'resigned' to the
> idea? Does anyone feel strongly in favour of keeping Makefile.PL?

I'm sorry we have to push the release back. I was unaware that
Makefile.PLwas broken -- my preference would have been to fix it
rather than to rewrite
things from scratch.


> I have no strong opinion one way or another, Makefile or Build, but I do
> not
> > want to see significant changes at the last minute and I do not want
> > significant changes coming unilaterally.
> I agree. But again, I'm even less happy with the idea of releasing
> something that I know is inadequate simply because I discovered that too
> late.
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