[Bioperl-l] Testing with Build.PL

Sendu Bala bix at sendu.me.uk
Fri Nov 17 05:20:11 EST 2006


For those not familiar with Module::Build and Build.PL I thought I'd 
point out some useful testing-related things.

To run the whole test suite (the same thing that happens during an 
install process), say:
perl Build.PL (answer 'n' to the script installation question to reduce 
the amount of output you see later on)
./Build test

To run a single test script you can of course continue to do:
perl -I. -w t/script.t

However to see what would really happen during the full "./Build test" 
you can say:

./Build test --test_files t/script.t

To do the same but see the full test output say:

./Build test --test_files t/script.t --verbose

If anyone else has tips, please post them.

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