[Bioperl-l] to convert cDNA id of nucleotide database to gene acc.id of gene database of ncbi

bikash lohia bikash_lohia2000 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 20 07:45:38 EST 2006

hello group, I am new to this group and want a help.i have list of accesion id of rice (oryza sativa)such as AK070197   , AK105331 etc i have to manually search gene database of NCBI for converting this accession no. of cDNA(eg.AK070197) to gene  id of oryza sativa to get os******* gene id . i want to do it through perl programming where the program directly takes the list of id ( such as AK105331,Ak070197) from notepad file and searches in gene database of ncbi. to give results in accession id starting with OS****** .i want only the accession id of corresponding Ak***** id.
for example -  AK070197 of nucleotide databse = Os02g0669100 of gene database.
      i want to convert all this AK***** ids to OS***** ids through programming in perl/bioperl  as manually not possible for long list. please help.
                                         i have no idea how can the code be.
                                                                                  with thanks in advance from 

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