[Bioperl-l] GO terms not present in Swiss annotation object

Juan Cristobal Vera jcv128 at psu.edu
Mon Nov 20 19:52:47 EST 2006

  I'm writing a simple application to extract various fields from swissprot objects and I can't access the GO terms found in "dblink" part of the swiss format flat files.  I'm not a professional programmer and I can't figure out why this is occuring.  All the other "dblink" keys are being generated as far as I can tell (e.g. embl, pfam, etc).  The GO terms are just skipped over and it's driving me crazy.  Not sure if this is a bug or a deliberate strategy I'm unfamiliar with.  I apologize if this is not the correct forum to ask for this sort of help and would ask to be directed to the proper one.

Juan Cristobal Vera

Graduate Student

Department of Biology

Penn State University

208 Mueller Laboratory

University Park, PA 16802


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