[Bioperl-l] Optional dependency handling, devs please read

Sendu Bala bix at sendu.me.uk
Tue Nov 21 14:30:52 EST 2006

David Messina wrote:
> Would it be possible to set it up such that when the user is asked 
> whether to install an unrequired module, the possible answers are "yes", 
> "no", "skip all"? The latter being to skip all subsequent questions 
> about unrequired modules.

Yes, thanks, that's a good idea. I currently (in my private copy) have 
the default as 'no', but if changed as above, should the default be to 
'skip all'?

Or, perhaps have an initial question 'do you want to be asked to install 
optional modules you don't have' would be better?

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