[Bioperl-l] Unable to build Module::Build on CentOS

Sendu Bala bix at sendu.me.uk
Thu Nov 23 02:44:16 EST 2006

Torsten Seemann wrote:
>> I don't want to throw too much fuel on the Module::Build fire, but I have
>> just discovered that I can't get Module::Build to install on CentOS 4.4.
> I concur with this problem :-(
> Most of the errors seem to be due to the large number of environmental 
> variables I have set:
> "Couldn't run Build.PL: Argument list too long at 
> /root/.cpan/build/Module-Build-0.2805/blib/lib/Module/Build/Compat.pm 
> line 200."
> I had to "force install" the latest Module::Build to get bioperl-live 
> tested and installed via Build.PL.

Did everything with the Bioperl Build.PL script work fine after that?

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