[Bioperl-l] Unable to build Module::Build on CentOS

Torsten Seemann torsten.seemann at infotech.monash.edu.au
Thu Nov 23 18:50:30 EST 2006

>>>> I had to "force install" the latest Module::Build to get 
>>>> bioperl-live tested and installed via Build.PL.
>>> Did everything with the Bioperl Build.PL script work fine after that?
>> Yes.
>> However it was much "slower" to install, it initially pauses for a 
>> long time, then eventually does the install.
> I'm guessing you're describing the period of time that it manifies the 
> documentation? Don't you see lots of output detailing what is going on 
> at each moment in time?

Yes I see all the usual output.

The pause is between the following two events:.

Manifying blib/script/bp_process_gadfly.pl -> 
# (no output for 15+ seconds on unloaded server)
Installing /usr/share/man/man1/bp_chaos_plot.pl.1"

Dr Torsten Seemann               http://www.vicbioinformatics.com
Victorian Bioinformatics Consortium, Monash University, Australia

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