[Bioperl-l] URI, Graph, and Module::Build

Sendu Bala bix at sendu.me.uk
Wed Nov 29 11:04:07 EST 2006

Chris Fields wrote:
> Sendu,
> For the Build.PL dependencies, do we want to use the absolute module 
> requirements (URI::Escape, Graph::Directed, XML::SAX::Base) or the 
> distributions they are in (URI, Graph, XML::SAX)?  Or does it really 
> make a difference?

It makes a difference right now only where the absolute module doesn't 
have a version (because in Build.PL we ask for at least version 0, which 
fails if version in the modules is actually undef). I'll fix that in the 
future, so it is best to use the absolute module for clarity.

> Also, you had mentioned that Bundle::Bioperl is no longer needed since 
> you can have them installed via Build.  Does that also hold true for 
> Windows (since CPAN is, at best, very testy installing on Windows)?

In what way is it testy? I set up a new WinXP machine today and 
installed ActiveState. My Build.PL script happily offered to install 
Module::Build for me with CPAN and it almost worked up until CPAN needed 
nmake. After installing nmake I upgraded CPAN with no problems and then 
everything worked after that (I only tried to install one optional dep 
with Build.PL via CPAN, and that worked fine).

So yes, I'd say it holds true for Windows. Though I haven't sorted out 
the ppd stuff yet.

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