[Bioperl-l] release timetable

Chris Fields cjfields at uiuc.edu
Wed Nov 29 23:59:50 EST 2006

On Nov 29, 2006, at 10:03 PM, Hilmar Lapp wrote:

> Sendu -
> what is the timetable in your mind for getting the release out? The
> NESCent phyloinformatics hackathon is impending and if at all
> possible I'd really like to see the release be out of the way when it
> starts so that all new code can simply go the main trunk and has no
> chance of interfering with the release.
> Do you think this won't be a problem, or should we start thinking
> about how to expedite the release in a sensible manner?
> If anyone else on the list has any concerns about that code going
> right into the main trunk, please let me know.
> We (the hackathon attendees) may have to relax the must-pass-all-
> tests rule, so it may take until a couple days after the end of the
> event until some sharp edges are smoothened out. I would rather not
> make any guarantees as to what we will not break, and instead focus
> on getting the work committed.
> 	-hilmar

I think most everyone would agree that the final rel. 1.5.2 should be  
out soon.  I vote for a release before the hackathon, essentially for  
the same reasons you already outlined.  This will get the 1.5.2 code  
out in the wild for testing, which will (hopefully) iron out any  
kinks with Module::Build and other residual bugs.  If needed we could  
always have another developer release in the spring to clean up  
anything from the hackathon, fix bugs from this release, etc.

Like you mentioned before, this is (and should be considered by all)  
a developer release, so not all tests need to pass.  Saying that, I  
applaud Sendu and Nathan (and everyone else) for their hard work.  I  
think this is the first time I can remember where all tests pass for  
all systems (though I only used since rel 1.0).  Even if it's for a  
finite period of time.


Christopher Fields
Postdoctoral Researcher
Lab of Dr. Robert Switzer
Dept of Biochemistry
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