[Bioperl-l] release timetable

Nathan S. Haigh n.haigh at sheffield.ac.uk
Thu Nov 30 03:35:08 EST 2006

Sendu Bala wrote:
> Hilmar Lapp wrote:
>> Sendu -
>> what is the timetable in your mind for getting the release out? The 
>> NESCent phyloinformatics hackathon is impending and if at all possible 
>> I'd really like to see the release be out of the way when it starts so 
>> that all new code can simply go the main trunk and has no chance of 
>> interfering with the release.
> I'm going to do one final merge from HEAD to branch-1-5-2 and then set 
> the final release tags later today, so a) anything done at the hackathon 
> won't make any difference, and b) the release should go out soon.
> The release will go ahead when I've sorted out the Windows PPM and the 
> Change Log (neither of which require code changes on the branch).
> On this schedule I won't be able to implement Conrad's pre-req 
> installation order in Build.PL since that would require a substantial 
> change to ModuleBuildBioperl.pm and another RC. I'll do that after 
> release so that 1.5.3 benefits.
> _______________________________________________

I've not had the time to test out the new CPAN installation until now. 
I've just tried it on a clan install of ActivePerl and it 
didn't install:
Failed Test     Stat Wstat Total Fail  Failed  List of Failed
t/RemoteBlast.t    9  2304    13    0   0.00%  ??
t/rnamotif.t       2   512    72  144 200.00%  1-72
2 tests and 197 subtests skipped.

How can I get the test output from CPAN to go to a log file so I can 
look at the errors more closely?


p.s. I think nmake will need to be installed for windows but I'll 

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