[Bioperl-l] Retrieve mRNA from Genome

Kevin Brown Kevin.M.Brown at asu.edu
Mon Apr 9 12:19:19 EDT 2007

I believe that is what the spliced_seq method is for

$feat->spliced_seq    # the "joined" sequence, when there are
                      # multiple sub-locations


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> Subject: [Bioperl-l] Retrieve mRNA from Genome
> I have been retrieving sub-sequence from Genbank genomic 
> records by use of Bio::SeqIO and ->get_SeqFeatures, ->start 
> ->end , but now I'm looking for a quick way to extract CDS or 
> mRNA from a multi-segmented annotation, e.g.
>      mRNA          
> join(72458..72791,84573..84613,93279..94419,94481..94656,
> 94719..94992,95056..95350,95438..95553,95614..96056)
> Is there such a method?
> Please point me to appropriate documentation.

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