[Bioperl-l] error while remote blast against swissprot db

David Messina dmessina at wustl.edu
Sun Apr 15 12:02:51 EDT 2007

Hi DeeGee,

Your script worked fine for me. Perhaps the problem is in your input  
fasta file?


% perl test.pl AAC12660.fa
waiting... 5 units of time
waiting... 10 units of time
waiting... 15 units of time
database: Non-redundant SwissProt sequences
hit name is: sp|Q15750|TAB1_HUMAN
score is: 2413
hit name is: sp|Q8CF89|TAB1_MOUSE
score is: 2352
hit name is: sp|P49444|PP2C_PARTE
score is: 159
hit name is: sp|Q6ING9|PP2CK_XENLA

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