[Bioperl-l] error while remote blast against swissprot db

DeeGee gdorjee at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 16 16:42:37 EDT 2007

i tried the following code just to check the network, and it worked fine
except for the SwissProt part, for which i got the error message instead of
the sequence:

------------- EXCEPTION  -------------
MSG: swissprot stream with no ID. Not swissprot in my book
STACK Bio::SeqIO::swiss::next_seq
STACK Bio::DB::WebDBSeqI::get_Seq_by_acc
STACK toplevel bbbbb.pl:21

#### check #####
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use Bio::DB::GenBank;
use Bio::DB::SwissProt;
use Bio::DB::GenPept;
use Bio::SeqIO;

my $genpeptdb = new Bio::DB::GenPept();
my $genbankdb = new Bio::DB::GenBank();
my $swissdb = new Bio::DB::SwissProt();

my $seqio = new Bio::SeqIO(-format => 'fasta',
                           -fh     => \*STDOUT);

my $protseq = $genpeptdb->get_Seq_by_acc('O26717');

my $seq = $genbankdb->get_Seq_by_acc('AF303112');

$protseq = $swissdb->get_Seq_by_acc('KPY1_ECOLI');

thanks a lot.

Chris Fields wrote:
> The 'verbose' setting doesn't change the way the BLAST query is sent,  
> it just sends the raw output from the repeated attempts to retrieve  
> the report (using the RID) to STDERR.  The error you saw won't be  
> fixed by doing so.
> What I was interested in was the raw HTML output dumped to the  
> screen.  If it is querying the NCBI server it should dump stuff that  
> includes something like this:
> ...
> <HTML>
> <p></p>
> <!--
> QBlastInfoBegin
>          Status=WAITING
> QBlastInfoEnd
> --><p></p>
> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"><!--
> ...
> which indicates you have a request in the BLAST queue.  If you aren't  
> seeing anything then the problem is likely network-related on your  
> end, so getting the latest RemoteBlast won't help.  Do any other  
> BioPerl modules requiring network access work (Bio::DB::GenBank, for  
> instance)?  If not it could be a proxy issue...
> Just in case, here's the browsable CVS location for RemoteBlast:
> http://cvs.bioperl.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs/viewcvs.cgi/bioperl-live/Bio/ 
> Tools/Run/RemoteBlast.pm?cvsroot=bioperl
> Click on the download link and save over your local version.
> chris
> On Apr 16, 2007, at 2:10 PM, DeeGee wrote:
>> hi Chris,
>> thanks for your reply. i set the RemoteBlast factory to a verbosity  
>> of 1,
>> and i get the same error message. i'm new to all these. so, could  
>> you plz
>> tell me how can i do the RemoteBlast in CVS that you've suggested.
>> cheers!!!
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