[Bioperl-l] [StandAloneBLAST] Use more than one CPU + avoid BLAST reload

Sven Boekhoff bioperl at boekhoff.info
Mon Dec 3 14:14:24 EST 2007

I just started working with Perl and BioPerl. I'm quite impressed what 
can be easily done with this module. Today I found that my second CPU 
ist not used, but the first one run's at 100%. I tried to include the 
"-a"-parameter, but I was not successful:

my @params = (
	-database => 'my_db',
	-a => '2',
	-outfile => 'blast1.out'

How do I have to use it?

Second question: In my perlscript I start BLAST-searches in a loop. 
Everytime BLAST has finished its search, the memory is cleared and BLAST 
is started again. I think most of the time is used to reload the 
database. Is it somehow possible to keep the database loaded (e.g. by 
starting a second search) or is BLAST reloaded anyway?

Thanks for your help!



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