[Bioperl-l] Bio::Graphics::Panel gridlines and pixels

Kevin Brown Kevin.M.Brown at asu.edu
Thu Feb 8 10:28:30 EST 2007

> The more I read the Panel code, the more I think it would be 
> nice to make more use of it.  One of the reasons that we're 
> trying to fool it right now is that there seem to be a number 
> of behaviors in it (and/or in the glyphs?) that take the 
> current image boundaries into account (drawing an arrow where 
> a feature runs off the edge of the image, etc.).  But in our 
> browser each tile is supposed to mesh seamlessly with its 
> neighbor, so if there's an easy way to turn off those 
> edge-aware behaviors that would be pretty interesting.

I think the glyphs try to deal with edges because if they didn't, then
they would flow out into whatever right or left padding had been placed
around the image when the panel was created.  Something I've noticed is
that when I create tiles for the chromosomes I'm working on the panels
don't line up because the bump position in one panel is not accounted
for when the next panel is drawn.

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