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Fri Feb 9 09:20:10 EST 2007

This is an example for fetching two GenBank records
(id=124504630,110665734) in XML format. Organism names like
'<GBSeq_organism>Rattus norvegicus</GBSeq_organism>' can be parsed from
the XML. 





Or you can get TaxIds and translate them into real names:



Wenwu Cui, PhD


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Hi all, 


  I have a question regarding extracting data from Ncbi. I have a
database to store the sequence data, but the files I have loaded into
it, dont have a proper description line specified. Based on the
accession number, I need to find out what is the genus and species name
() from ncbi. 


  I have about 1500 records for which I need to extract the names from


  Any ideas of how I can go about writing a perl script for extracting
this information from ncbi?







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