[Bioperl-l] WrapperBase

Caroline Johnston johnston at biochem.ucl.ac.uk
Sat Feb 10 11:27:53 EST 2007

> No, I think not. That would be very annoying when using wrappers for
> programs that you just have in your system path.

Hmm, maybe I misundertood what the program_path was for? The executable
method goes straight to the system path unless program_path is set, so I
assumed you would only set program_path if you specifically wanted it to
look somewhere else. You wouldn't get a warning if you didn't specify a
program_path and just left it to look in the system path.

> What specific problem are you encountering with the current behaviour?

One version of an executable in /usr/local, another version - which I
wanted to use in my home directory.
The program_path method gets a path from an environment variable, which
was set to ~/.
I didn't realise I had the wrong permissions on the
executable though, and it was silently failing to use my version and using
the one in /usr/local instead.


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