[Bioperl-l] The axis of GC content in Bio::Graphics::glyph:dna

Lincoln Stein lstein at cshl.edu
Thu Feb 15 13:53:13 EST 2007

Hi Michael,

When you set up the panel, do this:

 Bio::Graphics::Panel->new(-blah -blah,
                                         -pad_left => 20,
                                          -pad_right => 20);

This will leave enough room on the left and right for you to see the Y axis.
Otherwise it runs off the edge of the image (ok, this is a mis-design, but
it was the only way to solve a chicken-and-egg problem about who gets to say
how wide the panel is)


On 2/15/07, michael watson (IAH-C) <michael.watson at bbsrc.ac.uk> wrote:
> Hi
> OK I have some great images out of this glyph, but I can't see the axis,
> and nor is it labelled (ie does it go from 0 - 100%?) so isn't great for
> publication.  The docs say:
> "NOTE: -gc_window=>'auto' gives nice results and is recommended for
> drawing GC content. The GC content axes draw slightly outside the
> panel, so you may wish to add some extra padding on the right and
> left. "
> Any idea how to do this?
> Basically, I want a nice GC graph with the axis quite clearly labelled,
> and a nice "%GC" title next to it :)
> Thanks
> Mick
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