[Bioperl-l] need help in Bio-SCF

Chris Fields cjfields at uiuc.edu
Wed Feb 21 07:08:57 EST 2007

On Feb 21, 2007, at 5:17 AM, Sean Davis wrote:

> On Wednesday 21 February 2007 03:19, neeti somaiya wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I downloaded module
>> Bio-SCF-1.01<http://search.cpan.org/%7Elds/Bio-SCF-1.01/>from CPAN.
>> And I am trying to install it when I got the following error. Can  
>> someone
>> please guide me.
> You will probably need to read the INSTALL document.  You need to  
> install a
> couple of libraries first.  Looks like you don't have the staden io- 
> lib
> installed.

Just to note, this module isn't part of BioPerl (I don't even think  
it has a Bioperl interface).  You'll probably need to contact Lincoln  
for details on using this module.

One thing you may run into is errors with the version of io_lib  
installed (a problem I've encountered with bioperl-ext), probably  
from API changes.  If you run into problems with newer versions of  
io_lib you should try downgrading to io_lib 1.8.11 or 1.8.12.

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