[Bioperl-l] Warnings

Sendu Bala bix at sendu.me.uk
Thu Jul 5 09:04:50 EDT 2007

Heikki Lehvaslaiho wrote:
> My guess is that using 'print STDERR' avoids showing sometimes annoying 
>    errordescription  at programname line  NN
> syntax being used.


CORE::warn "anything\n";

never includes the line number: messages with a new line always disable 
that feature. Bio::Root::RootI::warn /always/ puts new lines into the 
message, so they /never/ have the line number.

> On the other hand, the main reason we need to set verbosity to 1 in BioPerl 
> objects is to find where warnings are coming from. Maybe extra text in 
> warnings leads to easier debugging.
> I favour changing it.

So its my understanding there will be absolutely no difference in 
behaviour following this change (except that warning can be caught by 
Test::Warn). I just wanted to confirm my understanding.

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