[Bioperl-l] Splitting Bioperl and Test related Suggestions

Nathan S. Haigh n.haigh at sheffield.ac.uk
Thu Jul 5 10:30:05 EDT 2007

Chris Fields wrote:
> On Jul 5, 2007, at 5:04 AM, Sendu Bala wrote:
>> Nathan S. Haigh wrote:
>>> Quoting Sendu Bala <bix at sendu.me.uk>:
>>>> ...<snip snips>
>>>> At that level, files don't need extensions and can have fully
>>>> informative names that explain what's interesting or special about
>>>> them.
>>> You may be correct in most cases, however, isn't there a method for
>>> detecting the file format from the file extension and failing that it
>>> peeks inside the file? Therefore there should be a file extension for
>>> each of these to get good code coverage as well as each format not
>>> having an extension to check that the peek inside the file correctly
>>> determines the format.
>> Yes, you're quite correct.
> I actually like Sendu's idea more, or the idea of each test suite having 
> it's own directory.
> Tests which need to guess/validate the format are probably best left 
> sequestered to a specific suite focused on format guessing/validation, 
> at least in my opinion.
> chris

How easily would this lend itself to using the same data for multiple 
tests, or is it likely to lead to/exacerbate a culture of adding 
duplicate data files in each "test suite" rather than reusing?


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