[Bioperl-l] Take 2 of the new subversion repository.

George Hartzell hartzell at alerce.com
Fri Jul 13 16:34:14 EDT 2007

Jason Stajich writes:
 > I'll try and look into this and other stuff with the migration in  
 > next week or so - maybe we'll make some time to talk it through  
 > during BOSC.  I don't know yet when I'll actually have time to think  
 > about it properly.
 > I am still worried about doing https because of the current system we  
 > have supporting user logins and that we didn't want to run a web  
 > server on the main repository machine and we'll have to install DAV  
 > on the main repository machine.  if ssh+svn is going to be sufficient  
 > hurdle for people, note it was already a hurdle for them with CVS,  
 > but we'll have to think a bit more on it.
 > [...]

How are you thinking about providing anonymous readonly non-dev access
to the repository?  svn+ssh using an anonymous/guest account (can it
be screwed down tightly enough?)  svn-mirror the repo onto the public
machine and do DAV there w/out having to worry about authenticating
the devs?


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