[Bioperl-l] ClustalW Score?

Sendu Bala bix at sendu.me.uk
Fri Jun 1 04:06:04 EDT 2007

Kevin Brown wrote:
>> you're right --- it is not really my code, I was just 
>> elaborating Kevin's example --- it would probably need to be 
>> more specific or perhaps the last Score seen is sufficient 
>> for what one is trying to capture?
> I took that code from a pairwise clustal alignment script that I wrote
> to deal with aligning a bunch of short sequences against a long one to
> see where they line up at.  When all of them were fed to Clustal the
> short sequences all ended up aligned to each other and not well aligned
> to the longer sequence.  I only saw one score in the output from the
> pairwise, so that is what I used to find a reasonable value.

Ok, well I've hedged my bets and used both. Now commited to CVS.

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