[Bioperl-l] problems with image maps and IE 6 or higher

Tieu, Anh-Thu anhthu.tieu at gsf.de
Tue Jun 5 04:14:09 EDT 2007


 I have a problem using the bioperl image maps function with the IE6 or and
 higher browser. It might be a more general problem with IE6 rather than with bioperl,
 but as I used bioperl to create my image maps, I thought I could still post this problem 
 here and ask for people's opinion. I wondered if anyone else faced the same problem and if
 possible if anyone could share their experiences and their solutions. 
<p><img src="/ggtc/tmp_bilder/19727dab708e1cbf567dd48480febb96.png" usemap="mapnameD064C01" style="border:2px solid #CCCCCC;"/></p>
<map name="mapnameD064C01" id="mapnameD064C01">
<area shape="rect" coords="108,0,608,20" href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="javascript:void(zmenu( 'scale' ));;return false;" title="scale " alt="scale " target="_blank"/>
<area shape="rect" coords="234,44,244,55" href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="javascript:void(zmenu( 'alignment 5splk', '', 'seq_id: ', '', 'start: ', '', 'stop: 0', '', 'length:  bp', '', 'identity: ', '', 'e-v
alue: ' ));;return false;" title="alignment5 " alt="alignment5 " target="_blank"/>
<area shape="rect" coords="241,57,247,68" href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="javascript:void(zmenu( 'alignment 5splk', '', 'seq_id: ', '', 'start: ', '', 'stop: 0', '', 'length:  bp', '', 'identity: ', '', 'e-v
alue: ' ));;return false;" title="integration_pt " alt="integration_pt " target="_blank"/>
<area shape="rect" coords="108,70,608,81" href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="javascript:void(zmenu( 'Nphs1                                   ', '', 'ensembl_id: ENSMUSG00000006649', '', 'start: 30168485', '', '
stop: 30195968', '', 'length: 27483 bp' ));;return false;" title="gene " alt="gene " target="_blank"/>
<area shape="rect" coords="108,83,117,94" href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="javascript:void(zmenu( 'exon1', '', 'start: 30168485', '', 'stop: 30169003', '', 'length: 518 bp' ));;return false;" title="exon1 " a
lt="exon1 " target="_blank"/>
<area shape="rect" coords="117,83,119,94" href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="javascript:void(zmenu( 'intron1', '', 'start: 30169004', '', 'stop: 30169083', '', 'length: 79 bp ' ));;return false;" title="intron1
 " alt="intron1 " target="_blank"/>
<area shape="rect" coords="119,83,123,94" href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="javascript:void(zmenu( 'exon2', '', 'start: 30169084', '', 'stop: 30169299', '', 'length: 215 bp' ));;return false;" title="exon2 " a
lt="exon2 " target="_blank"/>
<area shape="rect" coords="123,83,124,94" href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="javascript:void(zmenu( 'intron2', '', 'start: 30169300', '', 'stop: 30169373', '', 'length: 73 bp ' ));;return false;" title="intron2

 This is part of the code I used in my HTML file to display the image map and it really runs beautifully
 with Mozilla 1.7 or the latest Firefox version. However, if used in IE6 the clickable pop-ups do not appear/ work.
 I appreciate any help and would like to thank everyone for their help. 
 Best regards, 

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