[Bioperl-l] method naming

David Messina dmessina at wustl.edu
Wed Jun 13 12:41:53 EDT 2007

> 1) Is there any preference on how to name a method that returns a
> list of class instances vs. data?  I have seen 'each' (each_Location,
> each_tag_value) vs. 'get_all' (get_all_tags, get_all_SeqFeatures) vs.
> simple (hits, hsps).

I'd prefer 'get_all' because it's more intuitive to me what the  
method is doing. 'Each' is too programmer-y.

> 2) Do we want have methods which return objects have the object name
> in Title Case (each_Location, get_Seq_by_id, etc) or does it really
> matter?

I like Title Case because it reinforces the notion that what you're  
getting back is a specific object with that name (Seq) rather than  
the generic thing that the name represents (AGTCTGTGATAT, the actual  
sequence as a string).


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