[Bioperl-l] SVN and ...Re: Perltidy

Jason Stajich jason at bioperl.org
Sat Jun 16 19:54:18 EDT 2007

Thanks George.
I'll respond to your support ticket as well but I put up tarballs of  
the repository as of today.

I had thought at one point ChrisD might have setup rsync-able access  
to the whole repostitory through code.open-bio.org but for now I have  
put up tarballs of most of the CVS dirs from bioperl

Just to say I already went through all the steps of running cvs2svn  
myself and had problems gathering back out the branches and all the  
tags when I tried it.  If you want to start with a smaller repository  
like bioperl-network or bioperl-db as the initial cvs2svn conversion  
script took quite a long time to run on bioperl-live.

Regarding ssh/https:
We have already gone through some of this for blipkit and biojava  
projects.  I think we'll still keep separate anonymous read-only  
(code.open-bio.org) and writeable repositories (dev.open-bio.org) as  
I think we are resisting any webapps on the developement server as we  
want that to as locked down as possible.  For the newly created svn  
repositories that I've been creating/using I just use svn+ssh and  
that worked okay.


On Jun 16, 2007, at 10:47 AM, George Hartzell wrote:

> Chris Fields writes:
>> Ah, got it.  Sorry.
>> George, planning on taking this up?
> I'm going to take a *peek*.  I just finished (unless someone finds
> another issue) moving someone's cvs repository over to svn, so I have
> some tools cobbled together and some knowledge in the cache.
> I don't have too much idle time at the moment though, so if it gets
> gooey I'll just summarize what I learn.  Either way it seems worth a
> peek.
> I will need the repository itself though.  I'll post a note to
> support at open-bio.org.
> g.
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