[Bioperl-l] Network tests overhaul

Sendu Bala bix at sendu.me.uk
Mon Jun 18 11:09:19 EDT 2007

David Messina wrote:
>> Can anyone offer a
>> way to systematically find at least the test scripts which access the
>> internet, if not the specific tests within?
> I think tests would be accessing the net indirectly through a BioPerl 
> module (which may also be using indirect access), so it'd be hard to 
> come up with a universal glob for that.
> However:
>     % grep -Rl BIOPERLDEBUG bioperl-live/t | wc -l
>     108
>     % ls -1 bioperl-live/t | wc -l
>     248
> Less than half of the test files use BIOPERLDEBUG, so that narrows down 
> the possibilities...

Not necessarily. The problem is that there may be test scripts that have 
never even tried to skip network tests, and therefore don't use 
BIOPERLDEBUG. (Or that chose their own way to decide when to skip.)

I was thinking along the lines of, does anyone know how to monitor 
accesses to the network card (or equivalent), getting information on 
which program (test script) requested the access?

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