[Bioperl-l] SVN and ...Re: Perltidy

rvos rvos at interchange.ubc.ca
Tue Jun 19 09:05:25 EDT 2007

> Unrelated, but it randomly just occurred to me: what happens to all the 
> id lines at the top of modules? Eg:
> $Id: bl2seq.pm,v 1.28 2007/06/14 14:16:10 sendu Exp $
> That's a cvs-specific thing, right? Do we delete them all? (Regardless, 
> I wish we would, since they caused me no end of hassles during the 1.5.2 
> release, doing updates across branches.)

If you run something like 'svn propset svn:keywords Id' on the file/folder/recursively, svn picks up on the $Id tag. The structure of the resulting string would be a little different, because svn revision numbers are simply auto-increasing integers (afaik) - so any regular expressions that cleverly want to include the revision number in $VERSION would need to be updated.

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