[Bioperl-l] First cut svn repository [was Re: SVN and ...Re: Perltidy]

Jason Stajich jason at bioperl.org
Wed Jun 27 23:29:09 EDT 2007

I think Chris D and I will need to confer a bit on https+svn.  I  
don't know when we'll have a good chance to discuss everything.  At  
some point this discussion is may need to be taken off bioperl and  
just the interested parties as we're delving into hardware geek land.

The repository machine (dev) is a locked down machine meaning it only  
really runs ssh and not many servers include httpd.  We have  
anonymous CVS (client and through httpd browsing) running on a  
separate machine (code) that has the info rsynced over every 10 or 15  
minutes. The foundation websites and mailing lists run on a third  
machine (portal).

If we decide to support https we'll need to spend a little time  
deciding how well we can keep it locked down - it will only be https  
not http for example and we may want to see about limiting ssh access  
to everyone if we migrate all OBF projects over to SVN and only  
support https.

Again to re-iterate what I think we would do:
  - SVN read/write will live on 'dev', _WHEN_ we switch over no  
writes to the CVS repository. It will be available by ssh+svn and  
potentially by https+svn
  - SVN read-only will live on 'code', it will be accessible by http+svn
  - CVS read-only will live on 'code', this will only be a sync from  
the SVN to the CVS.  See http://svn2cvs.tigris.org/ for details

As I tried to ask for in the past, would someone also illustrate the  
importance of why _WE_ need to switch to SVN on a wiki page on  
Bioperl so that when someone complains/asks about this in the future  
the arguments are already laid out.  I am basically fine with it, but  
I don't honestly see a compelling reason beyond what has been  
mentioned wrt better integration in IDEs.

On Jun 27, 2007, at 9:46 PM, George Hartzell wrote:

> Chris Fields writes:
>> [...]
>> Now how about a quick straw poll, what kind of access?  svn+ssh is
>> already available, but some (Aaron among them) have indicated they
>> would like https as well (not sure how involved it would be to set  
>> up).
> What we do here, in large part, depends on what our host machine makes
> available to us.
> Is there an apache instance that we can use?  Maybe a separate one?
> May someone among us configure it, or do we need to ask for help?  (in
> other words, does anyone have sudo?)
> Is there some reason to not include http: (using Digest authentication
> so that passwords aren't passed in the clear?)?  Maybe even go so far
> as to ask why bother with https:, it's not like we need to transfer
> any data encrypted....
> g.
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