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Nathan S. Haigh n.haigh at sheffield.ac.uk
Sat Jun 30 13:25:58 EDT 2007

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>> There seems to be a plethora of file naming styles which means there's
>> a pretty long list of non-standard extensions. So at some point
>> someone will commit a new data file with a new extension (often
>> describing what program created the output or the test for which it's
>> intended) that won't be in the auto-props file - can you think of a
>> way around this?
> Ive been thinking about this a bit. How about this?
> - We have just "standard" files and extensions (like *.blast, *.fasta)
> in the auto-props list.

I think the list of seq formats recognised by Bioperl in Bio::SeqIO and
Bio::AlignIO would be a good start. As these are likely to be the ones
that are sensitive to file format recognition and thus could break tests
if renamed.

I think a lot of people have used "." in file names as an alternative to
a space. I think it would be beneficial to use an underscore "_" in
these cases and leave the "." to represent the beginning of the file

> - We manually add props for the files that have nonstandard, arbitrary
> extensions so all the files that we currently have now are prop'd.
> - At some point we rename those nonstandard files to have standard
> extensions. Especially for the t/data/ files, we'll have to make sure to
> update the tests that rely on them.

Nice and easy with svn :)
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