[Bioperl-l] SVG output with Bio::Graphics::Panel fails

Stefan Kirov stefan.kirov at bms.com
Fri Mar 2 10:41:34 EST 2007

Kevin Brown wrote:
>> You need to have GD::SVG installed and then instantiate the 
>> panel with:
>> -image_class=>'GD::SVG'
> If this is the case, then why have an SVG method in Bio::Graphics::Panel
> if it doesn't do this for you.  Either the method should be removed and
> the normal $panel->gd method should be called to get an image out or
> calling that method should setup and create the SVG for the user.
> Either way I don't see anything in the documentation or wiki that points
> out this "gotcha".
I don't think it is that easy, since the you cannot simply switch 
between graphics libraries, but perhaps svg method should check the 
class that was used and throw an error if it is not GD::SVG.

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