[Bioperl-l] Phyloinformatics Summer of Code

Hilmar Lapp hlapp at gmx.net
Sun Mar 4 09:54:06 EST 2007

The Phyloinformatics Hackathon group, a significant fraction of which  
is fielded by BioPerl-affiliated people (see http:// 
phyloinformatics.net/Participants), is preparing to apply for the  
Google Summer of Code program.

The page for collecting ideas etc is at


This is mostly a stub right now but will rapidly (have to) be fleshed  
out over the next couple of days (the deadline for application is  
March 9). Please feel free to add ideas that you have directly (wiki  
registration is open), or email them to me.

If we are accepted, we'll (hopefully) have students over the summer,  
some of which will possibly work on BioPerl-related projects. (There  
will be non-BioPerl projects as well.) These may be newcomers to  
BioPerl, newcomers to distributed OSS development, or even  
programming newbies ... Given the helping hand that this community  
has readily extended to newbies in the past, I'm hoping that you'll  
help us help them overcome the initial barriers, too.

If anyone is willing to go beyond that and would be willing to help  
out as a mentor (or back-up mentor), that'd be awesome; just drop me  
an email.


: Hilmar Lapp  -:-  Durham, NC  -:-  hlapp at gmx dot net :

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