[Bioperl-l] Devel::Cover

Sendu Bala bix at sendu.me.uk
Thu Mar 8 07:26:51 EST 2007

Nathan Haigh wrote:
> I seem to remember Devel::Cover being mentioned somewhere as a means to
> see how well BioPerl code coverage was with tests.
> I've just been having a play around with this for an application I'm
> writing, and the code coverage metrics it produces are/have been pretty
> useful in determining where additional tests are needed in order to
> fully stress test my modules/application.
> I was just wondering if anyone got around to looking at this for
> BioPerl? I'm just running the tests at the moment on bioperl-live. If
> anyone is interested in the results, I can put them on a webserver?

I was going to get round to it eventually.

Build.PL supports these things, making use of Devel::Cover et al.:

./Build help testcover
./Build help testpod
./Build help testpodcoverage

I started running

./Build testcover

and its amazingly slow. So if you run it and capture the output 
somewhere that might be useful.


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