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Max.Kaufmann at lazard.com Max.Kaufmann at lazard.com
Tue Mar 20 19:03:34 EDT 2007

I recognize the value of working with people who love what they do, that is why
I am looking into the open source community.  I am a statistician so I have no
idea about how to find OSS programmers.  Any suggestions are welcomed.

A quantitative hedge fund within Lazard Asset Management in New York City is
looking for a talented programmer to join a small team of researchers and
portfolio managers.  The job would intersect the fields of finance, applied
statistics and computer science.  The position involves applying intelligent
design and development of R and SQL programs to accelerate the speed of
research.  The individual would work directly with the portfolio manager to find
and exploit market inefficiencies in the global equity markets.

The role
* Data analysis on large financial and market databases
* Designing data structures, classes and method to test new research ideas
* Use a diversity of statistical methods to estimate stock picking models.
* Design and implementation of algorithms,
* Software development

The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications:
* Formal education in Computer science (preferable), mathematics or statistics
* Experience programming any language
* Knowledge of applied statistics or mathematics (not required but interested).
* Excellent communication skills.
* Experience of general software systems is an advantage (eg .NET, XML, C++, …).
* Willingness and strong interest to learn about finance and capital markets.

This opening offers a unique opportunity to get into the highly lucrative hedge
fund business within a well-established and reputable firm.  Because the team is
small the individual will learn quickly about portfolio management and have fun
using his or her skills freely.

For further information, please send a resume to the email below.

lamrecruiting at lazard.com
Subject line: “Quant-Analyst”

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