[Bioperl-l] Two Bio::DB::Flat swiss adaptors

Seongwon "Terry" Seo swseo at uiuc.edu
Wed Mar 21 18:02:13 EDT 2007

I have a question regarding SwissProt. 
One ID can have multiple accessions in SwissProt, but I cannot find where
they are saved in Bioperl::Seq. Is there anyone can help me on this?
Terry Seo.

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Just curious, but why are there two Bio::DB::Flat::BDB swissprot  
adaptors (Bio::DB::Flat::BDB::swiss, Bio::DB::Flat::BDB::swissprot)?   
The only significant difference between the two is the following line  
in seq_to_ids():

Bio::DB::Flat::BDB::swiss : $ids{VERSION}  = "$accession.$version"    
if defined $accession && defined $version;
Bio::DB::Flat::BDB::swiss : $ids{VERSION}  = "$accession.version"    
if defined $accession && defined $version;

The second is missing '$' in version, which I'm guessing is a bug?


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