[Bioperl-l] Help with Bio::SeqIO

Chris Fields cjfields at uiuc.edu
Mon Nov 5 17:12:23 EST 2007

On Nov 5, 2007, at 3:04 PM, Hilmar Lapp wrote:

> On Nov 5, 2007, at 12:41 PM, Chris Fields wrote:
>> If we go through with the changes to spliced_seq(), should it be  
>> implemented for inclusion in v1.6 or wait until v1.7?
> I would say they should be implemented ASAP because they 1) should  
> not change behavior for those for which the current default  
> behavior was already broken (and who therefore pass in --no_sort),  
> and 2) fix the behavior for those who erroneously assumed that the  
> code was going to do the right thing by default.
> I.e., it sounds mostly like a bugfix to me. Am I overlooking  
> something?
> 	-hilmar
> -- 

Okay; I'll try to get this in soon.


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