[Bioperl-l] Installing Bioperl on Windows XP

Roshan Makam mvrmakam at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 14 04:52:13 EST 2007


I am encountering a problem while installing Bioperl on Windows XP.  I have installed ActivePerl version  I am using Perl Package Manager GUI.  Also, I am following the instructions outlined for installing Bioperl on Windows.  I am getting an error.  The error is as follows:

 Downloading ActiveState Package Repository packlist ... failed 500 Can't connect to ppm4.activestate.com:80 (Bad hostname 'ppm4.activestate.com')

I do not know how to overcome this problem.  The other issue is when I type bioperl in the search box I do not see any packages of bioperl.  I do not know what the problem is.  If anyone of you could guide me through the installation process I would appreciate it.



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