[Bioperl-l] What's the best way to produce gff files from genebank/embl formats?

Lucia Peixoto luciap at sas.upenn.edu
Thu Nov 15 10:44:21 EST 2007

I was asked this question recently
and it occurred to me I must be doing things inefficiently
To produce gff file I was using SeqIO to parse the required fields, then
according to the conventions just printing out whatever was required tab
delimited, which is easy

but if I wanted to generate a genbank file, extracting features from a gff file
and a plain fasta file it was more complicated
is there support for gff in bioperl now?
anyone can contribute with  smart way to go from/to gff, genebank and embl?

thanks very much

Lucia Peixoto
Department of Biology,SAS
University of Pennsylvania

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