[Bioperl-l] need help ??parse AcNum from fasta?

outaleb Issame outaleb at web.de
Tue Oct 2 05:22:17 EDT 2007

with this file i mean, i picked out this Accession Number from IPI-Human 
Dbase,they come from a fasta file,
so they re under eachother like a i a table in separate file now.
what i want is how how can i check it in the fasta File (so in the 
IPI-Human FAsta File), i they re really there;
if yes please copy the entire entry of this Number (>....the sequence 
also)in new fasta file.so that i get at the end a new
FASTA file with jus this IPI Accession Number.
thx and hope was clearly.

Nathan S. Haigh wrote:

>outaleb Issame wrote:
>>Hi every body,
>>i have some AccNum in a file-> IPI67675
>>                                                 IPI98976.
>>                                                 ...
>>what i want is how can i look in the fasta file (db fasta) if there is 
>>some match
>>if yes then copy the entire entry into a new fasta file.
>>i tried with bioperl but cause i m noob:-(( i don t get it.
>>thx all
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>Can you state clearly, what is in the "AccNum" file exactly, some sample
>text from the actual file would be good. Is the FASTA file containing
>the sequences in raw FASTA format or has it been processed using
>somthing like formatdb from the BLAST software?
>A few more details will help people understand and in turn help you with
>a swift solution.
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