[Bioperl-l] general question about possible attribute values

Joseph Fass joseph.fass at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 15:39:29 EDT 2007

I'm relatively new to both objects and bioperl, and I'm having trouble
finding documentation on what values an attribute can have.  For example, in
Bio::Assembly::Contig the example script invokes the 'new' method with an
example filename and assigns the -format attribute (I think that's the
correct terminology) a value of 'phrap' ...

now, I'm wanting to process contig output from the cap3 program, so I'll try
assigning 'cap3' to the -format attribute (haven't tried yet so I don't know
if it will work), but where do I look for a complete list of what possible
values I can use?  I can't find it via either the Pdoc or CPAN documentation
links from the bioperl wiki pages.  Any help would be appreciated ...

Joseph Fass
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